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Lockheed Martin VR Prototype

Level Designer | Jan 2024-May 2024

This project was a Virtual Reality (VR) prototype developed for Lockheed Martin by 10 developers using Unreal Engine 5. The goal was to create an interactive VR experience showcasing the various communications systems and vehicles that makeup Joint All Domain Operations (JADO). This was meant to be a prototype for Lockheed to build upon in the future and potentially use at conventions. After consulting with the Subject Matter Expert (SME) we VR would be the most engaging way to showcase the system to clients. Inspired by projects like Job simulator, we came up with a few interactive task to complete involving the various vehicles and systems we were asked to showcase.


I was the only designer on the project so my role was a little more broad than usual. Over the course of the project, I developed the task progression, owned each level from concept to final layout, implemented the first lighting passes in each level, and developed the interactive Dialogue to guide players through the experience while providing information on JADO. To properly showcase the JADO systems I did a lot of research into the program and the communication systems connected with each of the vehicles we chose to showcase. I also consulted with the SME at various points to ensure the projects accuracy in our portrayal of JADO.



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